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Hello lovely!


I’m Lanie. I am the owner and Chief Photographer at Boudoir by Ozcan. We are Gladstone’s ONLY  dedicated Boudoir Studio. I specialise in providing women a one of a kind, luxury Boudoir experience.

As a business professional who embodies a sexy and playful spirit, I am dedicated to igniting the flames of your Inner Goddess and celebrating the Outer Goddess that is you.

What truly thrills me about Boudoir Photography are the raw, bold and intimate moments that we create together. Witnessing the transformation of a client who goes from questioning their confidence, to falling in love with themselves, sometimes for the very first time, or simply giving themselves permission to celebrate themselves – that to me, is a privilege beyond words.

Boudoir by Ozcan is more than a photography studio – it’s a sanctuary where every click of the shutter is a step towards self-acceptance and empowerment. We are committed to not only creating stunning, lush and extravagant images, but also instilling a lasting confidence that propels our clients to embrace every aspect of their lives with newfound boldness and joy.

Boudoir by Ozcan is not just a photoshoot, it is a luxurious experience that leaves an everlasting impression.



A vital part of our team is Benetta from Beautyshadez by Benetta. Benetta is our Glam Squad taking care of all your hair and make-up requirements for your Boudoir by Ozcan Experience.

Benetta is friendly, reliable, passionate and always professional. Her attention to detail and creativity shows through her work and sets her apart. You can trust Benetta to create a flawless look for your experience.

So now that you know us, let us get to know you!

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